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about Me

Mary Jo Tarvin is a distinguished intuitive whose journey into the realm of spiritual and energy work is both profound and inspiring. Born and raised in West Point, Georgia, Mary Jo’s early life was steeped in the traditions of the southern Christian church, with her father serving as an elder and her grandfather as a minister. This ancestry laid the foundation for her awareness of divine realms, which began manifesting in childhood through interactions with what she described as her beloved “imaginary friends”—a
precursor to her later connections with spiritual beings and guides.

Mary Jo’s path to becoming an intuitive healer came later in life after her roles as wife and caregiving mother of two young children became complete. At that time she relocated to Tennessee, where she began to explore her spiritual gifts more directly. A pivotal moment in her journey occurred while attending an Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) meeting in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. During a guided meditation she met her mother, who had passed over 20 years earlier, waiting for her to arrive.  This experience profoundly impacted her and marked the beginning of her formal spiritual training.  Following this experience, Mary Jo was introduced to Reiki. During her initial Reiki attunement, her teacher informed her that Archangel Michael would be working closely with her, a revelation that both startled and intrigued her. This marked the beginning of
her deep dive into Reiki, eventually leading her to become a Usui Reiki Master.  Additionally, Mary Jo has now mastered six different Reiki disciplines, including Holy Fire Reiki. She also is trained in both Blue Star Celestial and Quantum Healing, the latter of which is a very powerful modality that she enjoys using in all her work. She co-founded the Infinite Light Center in Knoxville, TN with her Reiki teacher, Theresa Richardson, and Tom Hogan, where she taught and practiced Reiki for several years.

MaryJo’s skills are not limited to energy healing; she is also a proficient channel, capable of connecting with higher beings such as angels and masters to deliver messages and guidance. Her channeling is a cornerstone of her practice, infusing her readings, energy work, and classes with profound spiritual insights.  One of Mary Jo’s favorite methods of spiritual care is energy healing. Her approach to healing is holistic, addressing the bio-psycho-social-spiritual levels of the human being.  She believes in the power of words and thoughts to shape reality and works with her clients to release negative word and thought patterns as well as traumas stored in the
energy centers of their bodies. Her sessions often leave clients feeling lighter and more at peace, even if they do not fully understand the mechanisms behind the healing.  Moreover, the healing a client receives during a session continues to unfold in spiritual support for several days after the treatment. 

One of Mary Jo’s other unique talents is her ability to clear spaces of negative or stagnant energies. Her first house clearing experience involved removing the lost spirit of a woman’s abusive first husband, who had been causing disturbances in the home.  She is called upon regularly to help clear spaces of spiritual energies or lost beings who are having an impact on the positive evolution of the space and the people connected to
it. Mary Jo’s clearing work is supported by her spiritual guides.

In addition to her energy work, Mary Jo is a humble and dedicated teacher and mentor.  She has taught numerous classes and workshops on the spiritual arts, and helps others to develop their own intuition. Her teaching style is generous and empowering, encouraging students to trust their inner connections to higher guidance and develop their unique gifts.

Mary Jo’s life and work are guided by a deep sense of purpose and integrity. She views her role as an intuitive, an energy worker, and a teacher as a sacred contract, and one that she approaches with humility and commitment to be of service. When asked to help someone, she always asks for her own guides to help her discern if she can help and if she should help. Listening to their answers helps her remain grounded, humble, and true to her purpose in the work she accepts. The trust she places in the support she has for her work is a testament to her strength and dedication to what she provides and teaches others.  Today, Mary Jo provides services as an intuitive, energy worker, and teacher. She helps others find their highest and best path, using her gifts to facilitate transformation for people, spaces, and communities. Her work is a beacon of light for those seeking spiritual growth and evolution. She responds to her call by living the skills she teaches others to become the best of the best, all with healthy doses of fun and ease.