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My name is Mary Jo Tarvin and I am a Channel for Spiritual Guidance so that people can get the answers they need to make the best decisions in life.  Readings are available in person or remotely.
I am a Usui Reiki Master, a Holy Fire/Karuna and an Astarte Reiki practitioner which I integrate in an energy session and a form of Quantum Healing.  After an energy session, you will receive intuitive guidance from collectives of Spirit Guides.
I believe in spirits, angels, and upper dimensional guidance from the universe.  In my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives.  All they need to do is harness the proper energy.  I have been harnessing divine energy for my clients, providing them with restorative benefits.  I am pleased to do the same for you.  Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together either in person or remotely.,

My Services

You may pre-pay services here. A PayPal account is not needed and all major credit cards are accepted.

Contact me at (706) 518-1029 or maryjo.channeler@gmail.com to make an appointment.

30 Minute Reading $60

45 Minute Reading $90

60 Minute Reading $120

Energy Session $100

Class Deposit $50

Reiki I Class $150

Reiki II Class $150

What to Expect at a Session

                           Reading Sessions



Energy Reading–I hold the hands of the Client and connect with their Energy.  Based on this, My Guide(s) give the information that is most important at the time whether it is a current situation or something from the past that needs to be healed/resolved.  The Client may ask questions, but most times all issues have already been addressed.
Phone readings are offered or in person.

Chakra Reading – A unique reading beginning with the Crown where I hold my hand over the chakras  and then tell the story it is giving me.  What has happened in the past and what is currently happening.  An opportunity to really “look in the mirror” and discover the person looking back!

This Reading is not available remotely.



                      Energy Sessions


A combination of Reiki, Quantum Energy and intuitive
Guidance.  A thorough clearing and recalibration of each chakra to highest
frequency available to the client. The benefits include, but are not limited
to, Increased thought clarity, Renewed sense of self, Feeling more centered and
grounded, Physical health improved, Seeing brighter colors and Negative cords

Many clients have reported these results continuing to
propel them forward as inner growth continues for months after the session was

Energy sessions can be done remotely or in person.



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Calendar for Mary Jo and the Infinite Light Center

Meditation for Lunch     

Wednesdays     Noon to 1 pm with Theresa Richardson

Pack a lunch and join us at noon for a variety of fun meditations in community.  Contact Theresa for more info. $5. 

Metaphysics 101 with Angelyn Nicholson  

Every Other Tuesday     7 – 9 PM

These classes are a basic introduction of how to get started and get a little traction on a metaphysical path.  There will be a portion of introduction to metaphysics and discussion and a portion for Q&A. May be taken individually or as a series.    $25 per class.  More info colorofkismet.com

January 7– Akashic Records with In Full Sight      January 21– Setting Intentions 

Infinite Light Healing Circle     

2nd Sunday each Month: 2 – 4 PM           Feb. 9 and March 8

Join us for energy healing, relaxation, stress reduction in community.  All practitioners certified in energy healing welcome.  Reiki, Quantum Healing, Healing Touch and others.  Uncertified people needing treatment welcome.  Cost:  Donation     Please RSVP with Theresa.

For sessions and classes with Theresatheresarichardson.com or call (865) 705-2525


Usui Reiki Level II Class

Saturday, Feb 15, 2020  10am-5pm

Infinite Light Center

Reiki Level II focuses on the Reiki symbols. Learn a variety of techniques for using these amazing tools. Practice long-distance healing for your yourself and others as well as full-body Reiki treatments on your classmates.
$50 non-refundable deposit due Feb. 10 Must pre-register
Pre-requisite: Usui Level I
Contact Mary Jo @maryjo.channeler@gmail.com


An Evening of Channeling with Mary Jo Tarvin

Feb. 22  5 – 6:30 PM

Ascension Wellness and Yoga Studio

110 Randolph Rd 

Oak Ridge, TN




She is one in a million! I don’t know what I would do without her! She is very talented and the real deal!! She is amazing!

Kirstin G.

MJ’s gift is undeniable! I have had 9 spinal surgeries and have extensive problems with my spine that I don’t openly speak about – MJ did Reiki and channeled for me, knowing nothing about my condition, but was able to give me information I totally understood. She helped with my overall pain and helped “clear” me. I am so thankful for her!!

Patty S.

A life changing experience is what happens when you see MJ.  As soon as you meet her, you can feel the amazing warm energy that surrounds her.  The sense of calm you feel with being in the room with her is indescribable.    This was my first time ever going to anything like this.  After the session, I felt like a huge weight of years and anxiety and tension were gone. You wake up with a new positive outlook on things. I am so hooked that I am traveling from Virginia to Tennessee for another session with MJ, and will continue to follow her for life!  A session with MJ and her talent is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Brigitte J.

 Extraordinary, profound, & transcendent from other hearings I have received.  Sought “SOS” psychosomatic healing/counsel for shot nervous/chakra systems due to family resentment & judgement. I felt a magnetic pull occur across my body like two magnets fighting & saw both beautiful imagery & a kaleidoscope of colors. I awoke refreshed & felt resolved from my negative “dis-ease” associated blockages particularily in the heart, sacral, & crown. My anguish was restored to peacefulness, & I received a special message from Archangel Chamuel on how to carry on. Mary Jo’s nature, energy, & gifts; I think pink, as in rose quartz. Loving, fostering, nurturing, delightful, sweet sprite-like spirit with magnificent insight & capabilities.

Karla C.

My Blog

December 2019

As we turn the last page to that wonderful December month, we are encouraged to take a brief look behind at what this year has brought and taught us.  Where were you January 1?  Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Personally, Relationship Related, Job Related, Family Related?  Are you better off today or are you still stuck at the cross-roads trying to decide which direction to take?  Have you taken that deep breath and walked boldly (baby steps count) on your path to find that what you have been asking for is waiting there for you?


I have shared with many of you that we are to “finish” things before the 2020 arrives.  Whatever that may be…don’t drag that bag of “stuff” across the line to the new decade!  We all experienced the “waves of energy” shifts throughout this year and especially the last few months.  Well, buckle up Buttercup, because the shifts will continue but in a much more fluid way. 


Speaking of “shifting”, I am happy to share with you all that the Infinite Light Center will be moving to a new location by the end of this month.  As Tom shared last month, he will no longer be a part of the Center.We are grateful for his contributions as the Center has grown the past two years.  Beginning January, Rev. Celeste Anne Schroeder and Holly Talarchyk  will be joining Theresa Richardson and me at 1400 N. 6th Avenue,  Knoxville  37917 Ste B6 and B7.  Less than a mile from our current location! 


While you are doing your holiday shopping, don’t forget the most important person on the list…YOU!

For this month, I am offering 20% off readings beginning today through December 31.  It must be “booked” and fulfilled by January 12.  This includes phone readings also.  30 minutes – $48  45 minutes – $72  60 minutes – $96

Contact me at (706) 518-1029 or maryjo.channeler@gmail.com to make an appointment.



With much thanks and appreciation for the love and support this year.  May 2020 be your BEST life experience yet!

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