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My Services/Payment

My Services

You may pre-pay services here with Google Pay or with a Credit or Debit card.   I also accept VENMO.

Contact me at (706) 518-0129 with text or voicemail or email



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Custom Amount for Reading or Session

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Mini Energy Session


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Moon Manifesting Class


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Usui Reiki III Class Deposit $50 non-refundable


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Balance for Usui Reiki III Class $149


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What to Expect at a Session

  Reading Sessions


Energy Reading–I hold the hands of the Client and connect with their Energy.  Based on this, My Guide(s) give the information that is most important at the time whether it is a current situation or something from the past that needs to be healed/resolved.  The Client may ask questions, but most times all issues have already been addressed.
Phone readings are offered or in person.

Chakra Reading – A unique reading beginning with the Crown where I hold my hand over the chakras  and then tell the story it is giving me.  What has happened in the past and what is currently happening.  An opportunity to really “look in the mirror” and discover the person looking back!

This Reading is not available remotely.



                 Energy Sessions


A combination of Reiki, Quantum Energy and intuitive
Guidance.  A thorough clearing and recalibration of each chakra to highest
frequency available to the client. The benefits include, but are not limited
to, Increased thought clarity, Renewed sense of self, Feeling more centered and
grounded, Physical health improved, Seeing brighter colors and Negative cords

Many clients have reported these results continuing to
propel them forward as inner growth continues for months after the session was

Energy sessions can be done remotely or in person.



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